Shelly 3EM IP Adress has changed


i have the Shelly 3EM and the Shelly Integration of HA. The Shelly have worked okay and i have all the Info of it in the Dashboard. But now i must change the IP Adress of the Shelly 3EM. And now the Adon the Shelly not found. Is there a config File or other where the IP Adress of the Shelly is saved? So that i can change it? In the configuration.yaml i don’t found the shelly


Use the Shelly Phone App, and go to the device and check it settings, make the necessary changes, save it.
I put My Shelly devices on a fixed IP not DHCP. Do that also in your router (DHCP settings usually). I also have a fixed IP for my HA device.


i hade a fix ip Adress on the shelly and all worked, but now i have must change this adress on the shelly to a other IP adress and now Home Assistant not found the Shelly with the new adress. So i will change the config in the Home Assistant that i can use the new Ip Adress from the Shelly