Shelly as switch for other domotica potential free relays


I am not a electrical expert and I am currently trying to integrate several system into home assistant.

One of them is the light system from Hafele (Loox5) which has its own mesh network. In order to control these lights in home assistant I was thinking about getting a interface potential free relay (see: and hook it up with a shelly 1 and connect the shelly with the actual switch in my house. My thinking, in this set-up I can program the interface how I wanted (e.g. turn on/off a specific Loox5 light) and use Shelly as an home assistant integration.

The wiring should be looking something like this.

Anybody with more wiring experience that can tell me if this set-up will actually work? And if so, if I could apply something similar with Casambi lights (using SC-TI-CAS - Casambi)

Highly appreciated!



Did you get this method working?
Just got my new kitchen and they used de Häfele loox system in it.
Would like to control it with my Domotica.

Yes this works perfectly. I ended up also controlling the dim level based on the sun using tempating incl. a delay, see below

  milliseconds: |
    {% if state_attr('sun.sun','elevation') | float < -7 %}
      {{ 500 }}
    {% elif state_attr('sun.sun','elevation') | float < -4 %}
      {{ 1500 }}
    {% elif state_attr('sun.sun','elevation') | float < -2 %}
      {{ 2000 }}
    {% elif state_attr('sun.sun','elevation') | float < 2 %}
      {{ 3000 }}
    {% else %} 5000 {% endif %}