Shelly Blu Alarm devices (motion, button, door/window) scripting

I was non-plussed to find out that these devices have no I/O URL action like other Shelly devices. Has anyone here used their scripting (js) to make it fork a URL (to rest endpoint) when motion is detected or door opened, etc ? I don’t know js well. It sure seems like an inform function would be on the github, but there isn’t any.

If anyone cares.
a section of from ble-shelly-blu.js (captures output from all shelly blu devices)

function emitData(data) {
if (typeof data !== “object”) {
// additions
const jdata = data;
url: “https://endpoint”,
content_type: “application/json”,
ssl_ca: “*”,
timeout: 10,
body: jdata,
function (result, err_code, err_message) {
if (err_code !== 0) print(err_message);
console.log(“Pushed result”, JSON.stringify(result));
//end of add