Shelly Blu Button - how to integrate?

Hi, I thought that once the Shelly Blu Button1 (=Bluetooth only, no WiFi) has been integrated in the Shelly App, that Home Assistant would find it as well. I believe I am wrong as it does not show in HA.

Is it the case, that I need some Bluetooth device and have to install BTHome, so that HA can directly work with the Blu Button? If yes, what BT device would I need as I run HA in a Virtualbox guest machine on a Windows 10 host?

Or, what I also would like to try: Can I send a http request (if this is the correct term) from a Shelly script to HA that would trigger an automation. If so, code examples or directions would help a lot.
Btw, I have problems with http requests sent via Curl (as I tried to sent a shutdown command with an API key. Did not work).


Did you search the forum at all? This was the first one that came up:

I think your answer is in your own post; you have to have a BT receiver. I don’t have a Shelly Button, but based on that forum post I think it will be auto-discovered once you have a BT receiver or proxy setup with HA.

Thanks for your reply!


Great advice from “Devil” at the Shelly Support Forum helped me a lot!

Thanks to Devil, again!

I’m unable to see the images shared on the Shelly Support Forum.
Can you confirm, for Bluetooth Shelly devices, do we need to use the BTHome integration in HA rather than the Shelly integration?

Hello there :slight_smile:
I think I’m late to the party but I have created a Video in the meantime showing how to integrate it into home assistant.
It is in german though :smiley:

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Shelly Blu Button is supported by OpenMQTTgateway on ESP32 and Theengs gateway on servers

Both with auto-discovery and without yaml configuration

hey @1technophile, I cant seem to get the Blue window and door sensor to be discovered by my Theengs plug through home assistant. Is there any suggestions you have to make the sensor show up in HA?


Hello @lightguy6914,

It will be part of the next release (should be out in december)
I can provide a test build if you want to try in advance.

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Hello @1technophile,

I´m interested in a test build for my shelly blu door sensors :slight_smile:

Hello @mawu,

You can pick up the nightly test builds from below:

I’m interested in your feedback

works now with MQTT and BTHome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the good advice.
Despite following the instructions in the video and the post in the shelly forum i’m still not able to get it working.
All shelly blue devices (door/window) work fine in the shelly app but in HA they are not visible. When trying to add the integration BTHome it says that “there are no devices found in the network”. What am I getting wrong?

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Just installed two Shelly BT Windows Sensors: Works via BT Home, but you have to add them in the shelly app first. I’am using the BT-WiFi Bridge from Shelly but it has to be in close vicinity (less than 7 meters) from the devices, otherwise they are not found, despited changing the batteries after opening the boxes (the CR2032 cells included were depleted to 2,8V)

I also got 2 Shelly Blu Buttons and wanted to use them as person trackers but can’t seem to figure out how?

How far did you get? Have you got them set up in the phone app, the “Shelley Debug BLE Devices” app?

I added them to Shelly Smart Control app and also to HA via BTHome and the button presses are registered ok, but I don’t know how to use them for person tracking (check for anybody home for example).