Shelly BLU Motion Advice Request...?

Advice on Shelly BLU Motion?

Currently I have Yolink motion detectors with Home Assistant that work pretty well but are not 100% reliable as they connect to a yolink hub which is cloud based (and the Yolink Cloud talks to my Home Assistant instance) - all of those extra hops add unnecessary points of failure.

I have numerous Shelly relays (+1, Dimmer 2, +2PM, 1L) and they have all been rock solid.

Therefore I am considering using a Shelly BLU Motion to replace some or all of the Yolink Motion Sensors. I was going to use each typically with a Shelly +1 as each gateway - to Home Assistant. Currently the connection between all the Shelly relays and HA are rock solid. I have ECO mode turned on for all of them but would turn it off for each Shelly relay once I pair it with the BLU Motion. How reliable is the connection between the BLU Motion and the +1 if they are within 15 feet of each other? Does the BLU Motion also report the battery status? How quickly would HA get the detection from the BLU Motion when any motion is detected? I need something that is consistently 100% reliable - and it has to be FAST. There is nothing more annoying than walking into a room and having to wave your arms or wait…

No replies? How about anyone’s experience with Shelly Motion 2?

I just received my Shelly Motion Blu - perhaps not many people have tried them yet. I can’t really speak about the connectivity but it seems solid so far. I have a dongle + several ESP32s acting as BT proxies for context.

Doing minor testing the response time is on par with my other motion detectors.

The SBM reports motion, lux, and battery (I assume it’ll update once per day or similar like other sensors).

I found a supplier that seems to have plenty of Shelly Motion 2s - and I now have eleven of them, some of which are next to Yolink motion detectors (as Yolink has a 24/7 monitoring service that can call the authorities so they are part of an alarm system). They are both PIR so they are comparable - however the Yolink since it is not local is slightly slower and not 100 per cent reliable if the Internet connection has a hiccup but for the most part most of the time the yolink sensor is almost as good as the Shelly Motion 2 in that Yolink keeps a pipe open between their servers and the local Yolink hub so the connection is always pretty fast (a connection doesn’t have to be reestablished each time which would be untenable).

I would’ve gotten rid of the Yolink altogether except for two reasons, they have that twenty four seven monitoring system, and if you want one hundred percent reliability sometimes having sensors doing the same thing from different manufacturers that work with a slightly different technology increases your reliability considerably (especially if they are in inconspicuous places).

With regards to the capability of the motion sensors, the Shelly Motion 2s are much more robust with sensitivity settings et cetera that are not available with Yolink. In any event I also have some Shelly BLU Motion Sensors on order and I have been told they have just been shipped. I have everything on a highly customized ui minimalist dashboard on my phone so I can see right next to each other when they detect motion. (Sometimes Yolink will detect before Shelly Motion 2 but it usually the other way around). It’ll be an interesting experiment to compare the three types. @Pineapple, you were saying that the Shelly BLU does not have any sensitivity or other type of settings that the Shelley Motion 2s have?

And I know yo made a typo but I hope the motion isn’t updated once per day LOL!

I just got 4 Shelly BLU Motions and I am thrilled withn them. Very small, 5 year battery life…

I now have some areas (on purpose all covering the same area) with Shelly Motion 2, Shelly BLU Motions (each paired with four nearby Shelly +1’s as gateways) AND Shelly Motion 2’s. I am going to compare them for a while and report back! (There may be even a faster resoponse to set up as mentioned at the next paragraph)…

It’s not esplained very welk anywhere, but in the shelly integration, next to each Gen 2 device is a “Configure button” - just go into it each that you want to use and tell it to be a gateway. You have to go through the Shelly app to pair them however - but it allows you to pair multiple ones at the same time and actually reboots them for you. I am thinking of adding to my automation for these BLU Motion sensors, in addition to through HA, to have them when they sense motion alsojust directly send a message to the approporiate shelly relay to just turn it on that way. That I think would be the fastest way to get the lights on - but have tried that that yet. Does anyone know how to do this? Does RPC need to be turned on within the HA config for the appropriate relay and what would the rest of the configuration for that look like?

I have to say the Shelly BLU Motions, once the first one was set up with the BTHome integration that automatially appeared, - then the other SHelly BLU Motions were suddenly discovered by HA before I even open the boxes they were in! WOW! In order to make those from stop popping up I had to actrually just open each one and take the batteries out of them to stop that!

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