Shelly Button trigger clicks when going unavailable

I have four Shelly Buttons integrated in Home Assistant through MQTT.
With two of them I have a strange behaviour.
Every now and then they will become unavailable (they are all on USB-power, so no batteries).

When the become unavailable, they will trigger click events. One of them triggers a single click and the other triggers a tripple click. This is very annoying becase lights are turned on in the middle of the night.

I use the ‘MQTT - Shelly Button1’ blueprint for my button automations.

But I had the problem before as well.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem or have any idea of solution for this?


Hi Håkan,

I have been experiencing the same thing with both of my shelly buttons. I am not using mqtt so that can’t be the problem and my buttons also trigger randomly.

Have you found a solution yet ?


No, unfortunately no solution yet.
One of my buttons recently switched from triggering tripple click into now triggering single click instead, so I can’t trust it at all now.

Have turned light automation off, but insted sending me an email when it triggers. Was quiet for about a week but now it happens several times per day again.