Shelly Bypass Accessary

I have wired a shelly !L for my LED kitchen lights. They were not drawing enough current for no neutral so I added the bypass. It worked great for about a month and then burnt out which also damaged the Shelly device. Has anyone else had problems with the bypass burning out? Thanks.

Hi, I have a few Shelly 1L’s connected to LED downlights which have been working well for around a year now.

It surprised me that your bypass burned out so I measured the resistance of one I happened to have on the desk here (admitedly it’s from a different manufacturer but the principal should be the same). The measured resistance is very high at 0.3 MegOhm meaning the current draw when the light is off will be very low.

Are you able to measure the resistance of your bypass to prove it has failed i.e. the resistance would be very low?

If you can demonstrate that this is a true failure and not due to a wiring error then Shelly are very good at sending out replacements.

I don’t have any doubts that it is burned out. There is a black mark on the fixture where the bypass was placed. I don’t have it anymore nor do I have a replacement for it. I have been trying to buy some replacements (I have around 8 Shelly 1L devices, but no bypass resistors.) I was just trying to get feedback from others that might have seen this before. I love the product and think I got a glitch since it also blew out the Shelly 1L as well. Thanks.

Ok, I understand where you are coming from now.

As an aside … I have been swapping my existing single-gang switch plates out for double-gangs and wiring the second switch into the Shelly 1L. The second switch can then be used for other functions like turning on LED’s, side lamps, or even selecting a scene. Thought I would mention it in case it had not occurred to you.

Well, as any electircal device these might get hot (and burn out) if not propely ventilated. Do you have enough air flow around the baypass to cool it down? I have sevrral such devices installed across my house and even these that are completely in open air are, lets say, warm…

Yes, I have two Shelly 1L devices that have burnt out on the same outlet. The first one I thought was a fluke, but the 2nd one happened after about the same amount of time. Not using a bypass, and it was only running a 3-way light switch that had 4 LED bulbs on it, so not a heavy draw at all. I’m quite frustrated as there is no reason these should be blowing, and I have several others in the house that are operating just fine.