Shelly can not be integrated

Hi all,

I have a couple shellys in my network and they work fine more or less (apart from the random disconnects every now and then).
Now I have purchased a new Shelly Plus 2PM and just can’t get it integrated into home assistant.

The Shelly is not auto-discovered and when trying to add it manually I just get an “unexpected error” after entering the IP.

In the Shelly app, everything is working fine. I can also access the Shelly via the web interface.

  • Shelly Firmware version 0.10.3 (no updates available)
  • HA core-2021.4.3

Any idea how I can get this integrated?
Please let me know if you need any other info

2nd Gen Shelly devices are new on the market. it has reflection in the integration completeness.

You can either:

  1. chose the device using manual mqtt configuration. It might seem complicated at beginning but provides most reliable solution where operability depends only on mqtt which is matured solution and mqtt support offered by Shelly devices.
  2. chose Shelly integration. In this case make sure you have most recent core (seems you are 4 months behind). it’s crucial since updates to Shelly integration come with each build.
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Thanks for your feedback! I tried it with MQTT but am not too big a fan as I would have to define each entity separately for every Shelly… Seems like a hassle.

Could you elaborate on the second option? What I did was go to settings > Integrations > add integration > shelly. But that’s where I get the error. Should I do this differently?

Will look into updating core. I’ve never gotten a prompt for that.

So I just updated to the latest version of core and that has actually resolved the issue - didn’t realize I had to look for updates myself.

Thanks a lot!!

It’s a bit at the beginning. And often you have to define more entities for single device (ie switch, temperature, power consumption, maybe input states if you need that etc) But IMO it’s worth that and I always advise mqtt way since it’s rock stable and reliable.

HA integration might be occasionally broken by devs or might not keep pace with Shelly firmware changes. And considering the release cycle, you might wait months for fixes.

Just saying to give you options when needed.

Otherwise, I’m glad you sorted it out and it works for you with minimal effort.

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