Shelly Cloud integration

Hello everyone! I’m new to Home Assistant and need help with a Shelly Plus 1 Mini Gen3 that controls my gate. The Shelly is unfortunately connected to my “neighbor’s” Wifi network as my network doesn’t pick up at the gate. That’s why I can’t use the Shelly integration of Home Assistant. How can I connect the Shelly anyway using the cloud? Thanks in advance!

I don’t think you can. I would try to extend my wifi.

I thought it could be done since you can do it with the SwitchBot Cloud, for example. I’ll wait to see if anyone can do it. Thanks anyway for the reply.

Yeah as I sad I know that, but maybe someone’s custom integration can do that.

You could roll your own: Getting Started | Shelly Technical Documentation

Apparently, the shelly can connect to a MQTT broker?
You’d have to use one on the cloud.

I think this is what I said. Did you maybe omit a word somewhere? Otherwise, I don’t follow you at this point.

I mean the OP would have to use a MQTT broker on the cloud, as he’s “borrowing” the internet connection of his neighbor for his shelly.
I used at some point, but it’s EOL nowadays

We’re in agreement then. :+1: