Shelly cover predefined positions

I have Shelly Plus 2PM devices to control my covers.

For all covers I have pre-defined positions and, both the device web UI and the Shelly app provide a UI to set the cover to those pre-defined positions.

How can I do that in Home Assistant?

You have a fairly robust API and scripting in the Shelly itself that might help you in this, this same API can be called from Home Assistant to add new features for you - perhaps you can use these methods with a cover template and do that.

My guess is that since it’s a 2PM that there is a script already or it’s just a simple timer of (on for X seconds = position Y), something you could replicate in the cover template too (I do this for my 1PM’s that control a cover).

I’m familiar with the scripting capabilities of Shelly devices. I’ve done some enhancements to my cover controllers.

But what I’m asking has nothing to do with that and does not require any timers either.

This is the UI on the device itself:


That’s what I’m looking for.

I know how to get and set those values from the devices, but I don’t mind setting them on HA too.