Shelly devices intermittently unavailable

I have a number of Shelly devices that I have added to HA through the Shelly UI integration. Devices will intermittently appear as unavailable for a period of 5 seconds before communication is re-established. As it looks to be a communication issue, I have tried improving wifi signal strength, modifying settings on my wifi network (I have a Ubiquiti UniFi controller, switch and APs), started HA with with a clean install then added only the Shelly devices (in case of a performance issue on my HA instance) but have been unable to resolve the problem.

This issue has been made aware of and a fix appears to be in the works within the next upcoming releases.

Thanks David, I’ll keep a look out for the fix.

I have a similar looking problem with Shelly devices:

Did the update fix it or something else? I’m running latest firmware.