Shelly devices missing in Homekit since update to Home Assistant 2023.10.5

Hi there,

I had Home Assistant 2023.9 running, before I went on vacation and all my Shelly Devices had been working under Homekit via Homekit Bridge.
After I came back, I updated to HA 2023.10.5 (with all updates installed (like OS 2023.11.1) and all my Shelly devices are now showing up as “no response” in Homekit.
All Shelly Komponents are working fine in Home Assistant. So I would think, something between HA and the Homekit Bridge is not working properly.
Did anything change with the latest updates, which caused this ?
I would appreciate any kind of help on this. Thank you!

Ok, problem solved. I removed the HA home bridge frome Homekit and added it again. Now all components are available again. No idea, why this happened.