Shelly Dimmer 2 not discovered (HAOS6.2, core 2022.7.5)

I’m setting up a brand new HA instance on KVM (on Fedora).

HA doesn’t see my Shelly Dimmer 2 (has the latest beta firmware v1.11.8-rc2). I can access the Shelly directly via it’s URL. Make discoverable is set. The MQTT broker details are correct and I have enabled ColoT and unicast as per the docs.

The Shelly is not discovered by HA. So I try to manually add it via Settings | Integrations | Add Integration | Shelly. Asks for host. No idea what to enter. Entering the IP of the Shelly device or HA doesn’t complete the setup. The popup looks like this and the integration page brings me to the HA doc for the Shelly integration.


Also I have created a bridge on the KVM to the local network. HA discovers everything else on the network but not sure whether port 5683 (used for Shelly) is blocked. No idea how to check this on HA or the Fedora host.

The shelly log file doesn’t show any errors as far as I can see

Any ideas how to get this Shelly Dimmer 2 integrated?

I just started with HA yesterday, i cant get some of my shellys to discover, like my shelly addon with temperature probe, im still playing around, if i get anything ill do let you know

Thanks. An issue has been raised which you may want to follow as it deals with the inability to discovery Shellies …

I just got my Shelly device added, with the temperature sensor showing.
I have reset the divice and went on its ip , then i gave it my HA ip , when i went on HA it was alredy discovered

Thanks for this , its a bit much for my understanding at this moment, but in a week or so i will be able to understand more :grinning:

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