Shelly Door/Window 2 keeps destroying Batteries

Hi there,

I have 8 Shelly Door/Window 2 sensors and one of them is destroying batteries

This is the third time that sensor grilled those batteries
It also can be that I am just out of luck with my batteries on that particular sensor.
At first I thought my Amazon Basics Lithium Batteries aren’t that good quality wise, because the 3rd sensor also had a fail, but it now is running fine.
But then I switched to Panasonic and have the same issues.

The batteries are completely drained and have very low voltages when I test them.

Has anyone experienced that or is it really bad battery luck?

The less time its in sleep the more battery it will use and wifi based devices eat batteries so you want low power zigbee, ble or matter over thread ones instead.

I have the Aqara door and window P2 sensors at the moment and the first one in the list is still showing 100% in the battery it came with even after a few months since it was first installed and setup.

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This is a review I posted: Shelly Wifi Door and Window Sensors Review - #112 by MaxK.

Make sure the firmware is current. If it is, ask Shelly for a replacement.

Note: my current DW 2 sensors are working ok and battery life is much better.

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I have 80 Aqara
in place and they have an awesome battery life.
Currently they exceeded 3 years and still show > 90%
Most of them are at 100% still

But somehow every time I place them at certain doors or windows they constantly lose connection. I already switched them with replacement sensors and also tried Sonoff.
That’s why I use on those certain places the wifi sensors.

I really don’t know why they keep disconnecting.
I also took a sensor that worked completely fine on a window 30cm next to it and two days later that sensor was offline.
I feel that either those spaces are contaminated with bad spirits or some leprechauns are tinkering with them. lol

Yeah, I knew that prior to buying them. I already talked to our electricians and they will convert those “faulty” sensors into wired ones.
We can hook the sensor up to the power from the automatic door locks

I really don’t know why they keep disconnecting.

I have yet to have the devices themselves disconnect, I just earlier today swapped my skyconnect back over to zigbee only mode after the constant issues in multipan mode getting worse and worse and ordered a dedicated thread border router that does BLE as well so I can just migrate my thread network to that new border router when it arrives.

I had a temporary solution to have an automation to make sure that the multipan addon was running at restart but that was starting to fail and ZHA kept getting stuck initializing or failing.

The current advice in another thread that was posted was to just have a second skyconnect in thread only mode with the primay in zigbee mode until they put in more time for multipan if you run that as well.

Also it took a bit of finagling but when I got in 3 more I got one working with my deadlatch to make sure I have it locked before going to bed lol

Thinking of using this to automate lock and unlock of a smart lock that I install in place of the handle as well down the line.

One thing I forgot to mention is that in those deadzones or issue areas you may want to place one or two smart plugs or convert some power points to smart versions so that they act as mesh router points for the zigbee network if you don’t already have any there just to improve signal strength.

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