Shelly Duo RGBW light generates error

I’ve installed 3 Shelly Duo RGBW lights in my house.

Everything works like it’s intended to after changing some things needed for the integration.
But in the Shelly App you can set it in Color or White mode.
When the light is in color mode, I cannot switch it on with home assistant.
I get the following error:
Failed to call service light/turn_on. ‘white’

When I change the bulb back to white mode, I can do anything with it. But not change it to color.
Could this be a bug? I’m on the latest firmwares and OS versions.

not sure if the bug per se. it’s the consequence of how those shelly devices work. All their rgb/white devices provides different api endpoints for white and rgb modes.

that means if the integration expects to communicate using white-mode endpoint, it stops working once you change the mode.


So I should remove the integration, change the light to color with the app and then re-add the integration?
I’ll try that…

It works… Thanks @maxym

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im sorry guys, but i don think this is an option… because with this we loose the white settings… we only keep the rgb section… any better findings?

Whats strange is that I do have one of the bulbs that is well configured . Has both options…

I cant consider this a solution, since we lost thw W part of it. You can only have one or another this way

Considered using mqtt instead ?

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I doubt he can help himself with discovery mqtt. Unless it can handle one device as two separate lights while only one is available at the moment, and pushes the last known light settings to the device once it appears available. As I said: really doubt it works this way (I use mqtt but not using discovery script so cannot be 100% sure)

I found that the one that had both configuration was actually a TAPO bulb L530

and this is how it look for the shelly bulbs.

OK i Believe i Found a way to fix this! if anyone is interested…
tomorrow i will know for sure…

if im correct as of now, we must not upgrade de firmware from this version v1.10.4/

Ok, i Have a the Solution to have both options. the Colors and the White settings

  • 1st what you must do is remove integration of those bulbs.
  • then you must find out the Model of the shelly device
    http://ip of Shelly/settings
    then we must downgrade to the following firmware ( 20210429-095910/v1.10.4-g3f94cd7)
    to do so you must go and here its self explanatory, and on shelly type its the model you found on previous step. and voila!
    and now integrate again the bulb and you have both options.
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Last firmware 1.11.4 = same problem…

Thanks for this. I hadn’t upgraded the firmware in ages and when I finally did everything seemed to have broken. Looks like my suspicions were correct. This helped immensely. I hope this gets repaired in the future.

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Hello Guys,
With the New update from HA we can now have the last firmware from the bulbs and they operate correctly.
Just a little hack, after update, if you are playing around with the rgb and on HA it appears white, just adjust the brigtness, it will work again.
Best Regards

I just upgraded and had issues with the older firmware where the Temperature did not work at all. I updated it to test if this would fix it and it did indeed, but the bulb seems to flicker RGB when going off or switching from Colour to Temperature. Odd. I can’t troubleshoot the issue at the moment as the bulb is in my kid’s room and she is currently asleep, but before I spend much time on it tomorrow morning, I thought I’d post here and see if anyone else has noticed anything similar and if you had a workaround.

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hum strange… i have over 30 of these bulbs… and i havent seen that… I wil double check if so

Seems to have been some sort of weird blip as I’ve been testing it and cannot reproduce the issue anymore. The lights work like a charm now.

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Is there a way with an automation to do the following:
I have the GU10 Duo RGBW bulbs
I would like to have motion trigger my porch lights to change from a color scene (default) to full brightness white scene.
When I try and capture the scene with the change from color to color temperature it still stays in color mode (brightness does change). After motion event is finished I’d like it to revert to original color mode.
from what I’ve seen this doesn’t work, despite being able to manually switch the bulbs between modes.

Shelly API provides such a possibility (both HTTP and MQTT).
But not sure how it works in HA ecosystem. For example if scene stores light mode (or if Shelly integration can switch between modes etc)

What way of integration with HA are you using?

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I have the Shelly bulbs integrated through the built in Shelly Integration. I can change them manually between rgb and color tunable modes, but haven’t been able to automate changing from one to the other.