Shelly DW2 MQTT Entity offline

Hi all,

hope somebody can help me here otherwise I will just sent all the Shelly stuff back.

  • integration via Shelly cloud did work for 3 hours and all sensor were unavailable then
  • MQTT did work for 5min

When I’m listening on the MQTT Port all states are there but the entity doesn’t change the state:

Message 4 received on shellies/shellydw2-759C4F/sensor/state at 9:30 am:
QoS: 0 - Retain: false

conf_yaml for one of the sensors:

    name: "Shelly sensor state"
    state_topic: "shellies/shellydw2-759C4F/sensor/state"
    unique_id: "shelly_dw2_shellydw2-759C4F_state"
    device_class: door
    payload_on: "open"
    payload_off: "close"
    json_attributes_topic: "shellies/shellydw2-759C4F/announce"

Mosquitto broker 6.2.0
HA 2023.3.6
Supervisor 2023.03.3
OS 9.5

From my point of view this cant be a MQTT issue since all the states are there when im listening.
Why did it work for 5 minutes and dont get any updates now?

Hope somebody knows the issue.

If you have the Mosquito broker under integrations, you should see the device there too. There is also an integration Shelly for Hass in HACS that also runs via Mqtt then you don’t need the manual work.

Sadly all integrations have the same issue

  • shelly integration loose connection after a couple of hours
  • Mosquitto after 15min

seems like the battery devices dont work well with HA

So I don’t have the problem with battery devices either and I use z2m the Shelly run with me via the normal integration that works too. Have you set a fixed IP on your devices? Install the MQTT Explorer. Of course, the devices are not always online, they send at certain intervals, but they shouldn’t stop completely.

Just FYI.

I was so tired after 1 week issues with all above listed types of Integrations.
Sent them all back and switched to Aqara Zigbee
This works with 0 delay and never falls offline.