Shelly EM 1 - App is reporting different figures to home assistant

I’m a noob to home assistant so please excuse any oversights on my part.

Does anyone have much experience with Shelly EM’s?

I’m trying to integrate my Shelly EM with home assistant through Utility Meter. I have the devices &sensors registered and working but for some reason HA is reporting much higher KW usage than the Shelly App is.

According to HA I have consumed 59.31 kWh so far today



And according to the Shelly app I have consumed 27.2 kWh.

I’m not sure which on is correct.

I presume there may be some extra config necessary on HA?

This is my confiuration.yaml :-

#Utility meter
      source: sensor.shelly_shem_b9e7ba_2_total_consumption
      cycle: daily
      source: sensor.shelly_shem_b9e7ba_2_total_consumption
      cycle: monthly

Any pointers would be appreciated.


Ouo many differnence! In my case the diference Shelly - HA is less than 8%. I preciselly came to forum to look for the root reason of this difference.

In HA i use 2 methods to grab the info from Shelly (via Integration & via REST) and both give me the same result, so i dont know why Shelly give one value and HA another (bigger in my case).

Hope someone finds the problem.