Shelly EM Energy Display

I have recently purchased a Shelly EM which I have fitted successfully into our fuse box with one transformer coil on the main feed into the house. I have also installed the default Shelly integration and seeing 5 sensors (as below).

In addition, I have also built a number of other sensors for voltage, amps etc. However, I cannot seem to add any of the sensors into Energy configuration (see error below).

Any suggestions please as ultimately I’d like to see how much energy is being consumed throughout the day and its overall cost as I know how much we pay per kwh.

I have looked through various other posts and it’s a little confusing.

Many thank for any help.

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The only entity you should place in the Home assistant energy is the native Shelly current consumption entity.

The one you have shown entered is the total consumption not actual real time usage and that is what home assistant requires as it will calculate totals and costs for you.

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Let assume the clamp you put on it channel 1.

“shelly-xxxxxx channel 1 energy” will be the grid consumption

“shelly-xxxxxx channel 1 energy return” will the return to grid (if you have solar, for solar production you get it from your inverter sensor, if your inverter is not HA compatible you can have another clamp to channel 2 and clamp it on the solar output)

that all you need to do the calculations into the dashboard can take more then 2 hours to populate.

You can add “shelly-xxxxxx channel 1 power” to lovelace card as gauges to see live usage as you how much power the house draw from the grid in W

the energy is how much use over time express as kWh the power is how much drawn at that particular instance express as W. So the power gauge will go up and down as you use electricity, the energy will keep increasing day by day.

You can use the Utility meter intergration to have better control of cost calculation

Thank you guys, that’s very helpful. I think I am now getting somewhere, however I am not convinced by the figures yet. If the consumption is daily, its 1700hrs here at the moment and according to the energy panel, I have used 154kWh already ! Unless I am also supplying energy to the rest of my neighbourhood, I think that is a little excessive.

Looking at the Shelly app, the consumption appears to be right. Any ideas where I may be going wrong please?

I have this as my customisation in customize.yaml

  device_class: energy
  state_class: total_increasing

what is sensor.shelly_t1 customise for?

you dont need to create any new sensor or customise it, when you add shelly intergration it will have the default energy sensor use that, the energy dashboard will pick up the change and calculate the sum for you.

Hmmm, having started again, I have 5 default Shelly sensors (as below). However, none of them are for “energy” nor do they allow me to select one for the Energy configuration. Where am I going wrong please?

Many thanks for your help.

hmmm oki that is strange, let start from beginning how do you add shellyEM to ha? thro UI integration via local IP?

try delete it and add it again sensor might come up also look under disable entities

As stated the “current consumption” entity is the one showing the live (current) usage and this is the entity you need for the HA energy tab.

Your 1st post shows current consumption I assume correctly at 721.52 Wh

You have all the correct entities already, you have 2 channels, channel 1 (clamp 1) and channel 2.
Both channels have a current consumption (consumption currently) and both channels also have a total consumption.

The total consumption will continue to increase until such time as you reset it, the current consumption is the live reading and this is the only entity from the Shelly that will work with the energy tab

I have something similar (I believe), I just installed this evening the Shelly EM with only one clamp. And I got reading and values all over the place, so that is working, also in Home Assistant i’m collection that data and in Lovelace I can display them.

However, when I go to the energy configuration page, I do not see those entities popping up from my Shelly EM. I’m I correct as I thought I read / understood that it can take up to 2 hours before it becomes available in the energy configuration page?

You have the entity energy shelly enabled in the recorder ?

I believe I found the issue, I was still using ShellyHACS and the HA one at the same times I think. And that is a no go. So I removed the HACS version, restarted and automatically the SHELLY ME was discovered and is working now.

Can someone explain how to use 2 piek and non peak ?
Is that via the utility_meter settings ?

However, I’m also using 2x shelly plug s but these aren’t discovert yet…
Can I force these recoveries ? edit: fixed this part

Previously i was monitoring main power consumption using a device checking how often the LED blinks in the meter. This stopped working after solar panels, since the LED blinks in the same way both directions (energy bought from grid and sold to grid). Now i need a working solution :slight_smile:

Can i measure the energy both directions using Shelly EM out do i need Shelly 3EM? Naturally there are three phases.

You need the Shelly 3EM to monitor a three phase system. A Shelly EM can only monitor two channels and they must be on the same phase. And yes, the 3EM can monitor current in both directions.

My main cabinet is outside and exposed to below zero C temperatures. Official web site says that the operating temperature is 0 . .+40 C. Anyone having Shelly EM3 outside and living in a “hostile” climate?

My only experience with anything like that is I have a couple like this is I have a couple of Shelly PM’s in my unattached garage which often goes well below freezing (as low as -20°C) I also have a few zwave devices, a poe swtich, cameras, and a WIFI AP. I’ve never had any issues other than the zwave locks seem to go through batteries faster in the winter. The Shelly PM has the same operational specs as the 3EM, so you might be ok temperature wise.

As I mentioned, there is a WIFI AP in my garage so the Shelly’s have a very good WIFI signal. If your breaker box is outside in a metal cabinet (waterproof I assume) you might have a hard time with the WIFI signal. My 3EM is inside my indoor breaker box which is metal, but there is a WIFI AP very close by so I get away with it.

Just to make sure that everyone reading the post understands the energy reading. The shelly EM reports the total energy in Watt-hours, not Kilo-watt hours. To read the energy in KwH, the reading must be divided by 1000.