Shelly EM: energy (returned) unavailable


Last week I installed my shelly EM at my PV panels (brown L cable). I am able to monitor the power and the voltage. For any unclear reason the value Energy and Energy Returned are still 0 kWh. Any suggestions what I am doing wrong?

What I’ve tried (and didn’t work :blush: )

  • MQTT instead of/next Integration. Same result. No readings at Energy (returned)
  • Channel 2 instead of channel 1
  • Reset to factory settings, reset of Shelly
  • Changed location of clamp from Brown (L) To Blue (N) cable.

Please let me know!


The powervalues are 0, because its dark outside, but the energy (returned) value fields are even missing. Probably a bug?

Is this the input to the inverter or output from the inverter to the house/grid?

The input to the inverter is likely to be DC. Which the Shelly can not measure.

Output, so this is not the issue.
The Shelly measure the power (watt) so this is not a problem.