Shelly EM Temperature Rating 40º C

Looking into adding a couple of Shelly EM’s outside in main electrical panel monitoring AC circuit, as well as in a separate pool enclosure monitoring pool pump. The ratings show a -40 to 40º C rating. It was 40º C (air temp) here yesterday and does get hotter. Guessing the internal panel temps might be hotter. Anyone have experience with these devices in hot areas?


I don’t have any Shelly EM, but I have a lot of Shelly devices and they do get hot internally. Here is a screenshot of a Shelly 1 that is outdoors in an electrical junction box. It was ~95° F ambient yesterday, so it looks like the Shelly runs about 15° F above ambient.

For me, high air temp recently has been 105º +. (AZ) Not sure what the ambient in the panels outside must be. Add to that the internal heating you mention and I might be asking for reliability problems. Thanks for your input.

For what it’s worth, I use an Emporia Vue outdoors in a plastic enclosure monitoring 16 circuits and it’s been reliable in the heat. There are a couple downsides in that it’s not local and it does not report it’s internal temp.

I’ve heard of some work done to reverse engineer and intercept the API calls for local control, but I wouldn’t bet on it unless you’re confident.

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