Shelly EM Unavailable

Hi all!!
i migrated from shelly for hass to official shelly integration and what’s happening from time to time is that Shelly EM becomes unavailable and don´t return unless i restart home assistant. basically this is driving me crazy as my calculations for daily and monthly energy consumption are now screwed.
is anyone experiencing the same, is there any solution for this already?

error from log

value doesn´t change during error

That’s unfortunate. I was thinking of changing my mqtt connected EM to the new integration. MQTT has been 100% reliable.

What version of firmware is on your EM?

shelly on last firmware 1.8.1, Home assistant up to date as well (0.115.6)

Are your shelly devices on a different vlan than your homeassistant? I had similar issues between 2 different vlans with the hass shelly until I specified the ip’s explicitly in the config.

I also switched to the official integration and despite adding the devices by IP I’m seeing the same behavior where the devices drop from HA.

I haven’t yet opened a bug but am happy to open one.

Home assistant is on LAN (raspberry 3), Shelly on wi-fi. Both with static ip addresses on router.

Apparently there are fixes for Shelly integration queued for 116 that may fix this issue

Hopefully. for now i’ve created an automation to restart hass when shelly em becomes unavailable. if after next update doesn’t fix i will need to get back to shellyforhass.

This issue should be solved with 0.116.0


in my HA log some of my shellies became still every x-minutes unavailable, but they get “live” immediately:

any ideas what is the problem?

I’m now on Version 0.116.4, but the the shellies become still unavailable ~ each 10 Minutes.
It seems that the problem of periodic restarts is not solved:

Therea are similar problems in iobroker:

My log looks exactly the same, and there have been reports of the same thing in Vizio TV integration

I have the same exact issue, shelly unavailable every minute and return available again within few seconds.