Shelly EM3 and Energy dashboard


I’m new to HA and everything about it. Started to learn few days ago and run into my first issue. I’ve read a lot of community topics about it but I’m still unable to solve it. So I configured my Shelly EM3 using default integration (not HASS). First all energy channels are showing some strange number which I think is total of something. I would like to show daily consumption or return.
Second issue I’m having is with energy dashboard where data for consumption doesn’t match the data in Shelly app. All values are a bit higher. Returned energy is ok one day another not.

values from Energy dashboard and Shelly

I’ve also noticed that energy tab doesn’t pull ECU Today energy if HA was down for some reason.
So after two days energy tab is totally wrong in energy created by solars, energy taken or returned. If I look at entity values from ECU they are ok and those same values should be in energy dashboard.

Since I’m a total newbie please be specific :wink:

Thank you.