Shelly EM3 inputs - is my hardware wrong installed or reversed?

Hello! I installed HA as a way to have a dashboard to properly read/interpret my solar panels performance but I am somewhat confused by the readings of my first day.

If you look close, I am actually returning energy at night? how’s that possible?

My take is that is the actual energy I am consuming from the grid, not returning.

Any pointers on how to best interpret this data would be helpful, thanks in advance.

You are right, you have probably reversed the shelly probes… So you are reading an energy return at night while you are consuming… Now during the day, what are the meaning of the different colors ? You should have three bars for the solar production directly consumed, three bars for the energy consumed from the grid (above 0) and/or three bars for the energy returned to the grid (below 0)… This graph is probably incorrect for the day too… as you have probably correctly connected the probes for the solar panels but not the shelly probes so the energy dashboard is misinterpreting/displaying the data…

Indeed Browet, in the meantime, I soft-reversed the inputs, will call my shelly installer to come back and do a proper hardware revision for he clearly installed it the wrong way, thanks!

I think you just pop the top off the probes and turn them round.

Although if you have a pro he’s less likely to accidentally touch an exposed wire in your switchboard :slight_smile:

If you don’t specifically need to know about each phase separately it might also be worth creating a custom sensor to add all 3 phase inputs into one value.

I am also interested in the total power consumed/generated, because I want to switch appliances when I am generaring excess power. I am using Shelly EM3 which provides metering for each phase separately. Does anyone know how to make a custom sensor for the total power?

Yes, create a template sensor that adds them together.