Shelly energy meter - how to add daily - monthly sensors

Hi all
I am a little confused with shelly EM power integration.
I just added a Shelly EM with Shelly integration and I get the values through my network.

Screenshot 2020-10-17 120522

What I should add in HA in order to have the daily and monthly usage?

I also have in automation the following. If I finally add the monthly usage sensor(?) should I change the days in 30?

- alias: Purge Database
  initial_state: True
    platform: time
    at: '02:22:22'
    service: recorder.purge
      keep_days: 1
      repack: true

Have a look at the Utility Meter Integration using your ‘Power in KWh’ as an input:

You don’t need to change keep_days to 30 as the integration stores values for both the current and previous month.

Here’s an example from my config:

  source: sensor.total_daily_energy
  cycle: monthly
    - std
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delete I made a mistake

I think I did it.
Screenshot 2020-10-18 131408

@Makis hey man did you get this to work?

If you are referring for the cost of the energy yes. When you setup the sources and you get data in the dashboard automatically HA is creating a sensor which ends at xxxxxxx_cost. You have to add this sensor in the recorder.yaml

You will have to wait at least 24 hours in order to start measuring the cost right.