Shelly feature request


It would be nice to have more shelly settings and configurations available in HA instead of visiting each device his web interface to see for example the IP of the device.
I know there is a low of configuration stuff in the web interface but I think it’s more use friendly from HA perspective to only use HA, this also give us the option to update things in bulk more easily.

I’m writing this as 1 of the shelly employees asked me to create the feature request on this forum and also tag him but I don’t know his username.

Maybe you could ask that Shelly employee if their company would like to contribute some of these enhancements themselves?

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That’s one of the reasons why i change every shelly’s FW to esphome before i even connect it to my wifi for the first time. in esphome it’s totally up to you what you do or don’t have.

I voted because this indeed would be convenient, but yeah it’s pretty damn bold of a company who’s making money selling something to ask someone else to develop features for their products for free. And beyond the initial setup or a major WIFI network change it’s a feature that would be used exactly once.