Shelly firmware updates using shelly integration (not MQTT)

Hello all,

I have several shelly devices that are integrated with HA via the official integration(Shelly - Home Assistant). I am able to monitor for firmware updates for the devices, but I have not yet found or seen the correct approach for an automated rollout of the firmware. Appreciate any pointers on this.


Would love this too, any news?

Edit: You can update with http link

My devices are all up to date, with new firmware available I will try this

edit 2: calling http://[IP-OF-SHELLY/ota?update=1 does the trick

Using the shelly integration you can both check if 1) a firmware update is available and 2) update it with the press of a button from one or two cards on a dashboard in homeassistant like so. You can also test stability easily by only updating one or two shellies at a time.

Settings → Devices & Services → Entities
search for ‘firmware_update’ and enable all within the shelly integration.

Than create a card based on the entity
Search for ‘firmware_update’
And select all.

You can also create a new card (or combine them) for ‘ota_update’ by selecting all entities by that name (enabled by default).

DONE, you have one or two cards that show if there are updates and allow you to update with the click of a button :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, I’ve had 3x Shelly 1PM Plus installed, it appears that one is missing a binary sensor.

Any ideas how to enable?

All are running the same firmware version and build:
Firmware version: 0.11.2
Firmware build ID: 20221004-113326/0.11.2-g2ea2af3

What I could suggest:

in the HA GUI / APP:

  1. Settings
  2. Devices
  3. in the Shelly section, select the specific device
  4. Device should show the name, 1 device, and xxx entities
  5. select the entities
  6. enable/disable items (keep an eye out for the filer on the top-right)

Sometimes there are disabled or errored items which can be removed/deleted.

Thanks @ronnie_j. All are enabled already:

Here’s a comparison for another:

Here’s the side by side match:

Can see the following missing:


I had the button.shellyXYZ_ota_update set and working when I used MQTT. Now using HA integration, the only button available is the reboot button. If I open the firmware entity, it has the option to “install”. How can I expose this “install” action as a button?
I have latest HA version (installed on Docker with supervisor).