Shelly Flood integration problem. Problem in 2023.1.0?

I have four Shelly Flood devices here. Two of them are working for a couple of months now. In Dec. 22, I bought two more. One of them, I added last year, the other one I wanted to add today.
Unfortunately, I installed the firmware update before integrating it into home assistant.
Current firmware version: 20221027-092932/v1.12.1-ga9117d3
Now, when I try to add it, I get a dialog, that isn’t quite that helpful:

Between the last Flood device and now, there was the firmware update and the update of home assistant to 2023.1.0.
However, since the firmware is from October 22, I guess it has something to do with HA update.
For testing, I tried adding a spare Shelly Plus 1PM, current firmware 0.12.0, and it worked as expected.

I’m still a beginner in HA, but I’m getting where I want to go. Until now…

Please heelp :slight_smile:

EDIT: After installing the update to 2023.1.1, the device was auto detected and is working now.

The release notes mention a change to the Shelly integration and there is a comment from Blair_Pollard about the integration being broken.

There also appears to be an open issue on Github (I have not read through the issue)

Since update to 2023.1 all Shelly 2nd generation devices are no longer responding · Issue #85180 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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