Shelly Gen2 - Range extender support

Hi everyone! Would be great to enable shelly devices adoption even if are connected through the new range extender function.

All Gen2 devices has this feature (plus and PRO line), allowing to group together up to 10 devices at network level (IP address saving) and extend connection coverage in remote areas.

According to my understanding the joined devices are on the same IP of “master” device but different port (eg. IP_MASTER:8002). Maybe the integration could scan these ports

Same need on GitHub Shelly integration does not support devices connected via Shelly range extenders · Issue #78820 · home-assistant/core · GitHub
Shelly documentation WiFi | Shelly Technical Documentation

Thank you

Is there an easy HA internal workaround available until this issue is solved?

Easy, no. But there is a suggestion here. Haven’t tried it though…

I would love this feature too! Please vote!

Just ran into this. Updated to the latest beta firmware, which displays the range extender shelly’s guests along with an external url+mport to connect to them, but no luck setting up the integration with that.

Do we have any update on this feature?