Shelly Gen2 - Range extender support

Hi everyone! Would be great to enable shelly devices adoption even if are connected through the new range extender function.

All Gen2 devices has this feature (plus and PRO line), allowing to group together up to 10 devices at network level (IP address saving) and extend connection coverage in remote areas.

According to my understanding the joined devices are on the same IP of “master” device but different port (eg. IP_MASTER:8002). Maybe the integration could scan these ports

Same need on GitHub Shelly integration does not support devices connected via Shelly range extenders · Issue #78820 · home-assistant/core · GitHub
Shelly documentation WiFi | Shelly Technical Documentation

Thank you

Is there an easy HA internal workaround available until this issue is solved?

Easy, no. But there is a suggestion here. Haven’t tried it though…

I would love this feature too! Please vote!

Just ran into this. Updated to the latest beta firmware, which displays the range extender shelly’s guests along with an external url+mport to connect to them, but no luck setting up the integration with that.

Do we have any update on this feature?

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Yes, if you are allowed to manage your router and the router is able to do port forwarding (also almost any managed switch will do). On your router / managed switch you define and ip address in unused address space and let it do redirection of traffic to your extended shelly. HA will then talk to that fake address and the router/managed switch will redirect it to the right place. However as you can see there is a management hassle. You would have to keep record of all such fakes until HA start addressing devices by url and not ip address.

Love to see this feature add to HA for the Shelly “Range Extender” so it just works out of the box. This would solve a lot of things as we then can use a Shelly as an AP into HA for not just Shelly products but ESP32 with ESPHome.


I’m trying to do this but so far no luck. Here’s what i’ve entered for my router, but no joy. Any ideas on this workaround?

any news here?
@thecode you meant it’s on your todo list

My electricity box is in metal so a faraday cage… the only wifi I can get is via the local Extender, voting too for this feature.

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does the workaround with the port forwarding work?
I struggle with the description from @miroslaw
Or is there another solution for this issue I might have missed?

I moved one of my Shelly devices to use range extender and the only think I had to change was in ha_config\.storage\core.device_registry update the ip address and port to the one surfaced on host.

E.g @lyn1337 case it would be from 192.168.1.?:80 to

      "host": "",
      "port": 12864,

where do you place host/port? in the “connections” node (where the mac address is)? Or on the same level as “configuration_url”?

I’ve tried to do the same think but for some reason it doesn’t work.
Is yours still working?
In my case, the Range Extender is a Pro3 while the “guest” is a Gen1 Shelly 2.5
What I did:

  1. setup the 2.5
  2. added the 2.5 to HA
  3. moved the 2.5 to the Pro 3 to network
  4. went to\core.device_registry, located the mac of the 2.5 and changed host and port with the ones displayed in Pro 3
  5. restarted HA

The integration keeps trying to find the 2.5

What did you do different?


The reason why it worked for me is that I used two gen2 devices. I tried it with gen1 device (Shelly Plug S) connecting to gen2 extender and it does not work - likely because you cannot specify port for gen1 devices or because they use CoIoT protocol :frowning: