Shelly H&T unavailable data

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Hi all,

I am trying to integrate Shelly H&T in Home assistant. I have followed the steps listed in and the sensor was easily added.
My issue is to show the temperature on a lovelace card, since it only shows the temperature while the sensor is on (need to open it and press the button to start the internal webserver), and I don’t want to have it always on to save power (not even sure if there is an option for that).
Since the sensor is only reporting the temperature on change or every X hours, this becomes quite useless.
I am sure I am missing something… Is is possible to always show the last received readings? Or is there any way to show that information?

If I move to the MQTT integration: Shellies Discovery Script would it help?

Can someone please guide me as I am new to HA / integrations.

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Please read the Shelly integration documentation. The battery powered devices are not supported.
Shellies Discovery script supports battery powered devices but requires MQTT.

Having exact same issue. The discovery works fine and the adding of the card to lovelace is perfect. Only issue is that i would like to display last temperature instead of “unavailable” while the device is sleeping

thank you for you reply. I’m trying to set up MQTT and test your script to overcome this “unavailable” issue.

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