Shelly, How do a write to a device API Call

Hi I want to set my Shelly H & T to 0.5 Dec C threshold. ( I know it may reduce the battery life)

The page shows the settings available

But what is the correct syntax

In a web browser I have tried this “”
it sends back data but does not change the units

I think I must be missing something.

Can anybody assist?

Regards, Dave

Have you tried this:

Hi, Just tried it and that worked for Units. Thanks

But strangely it wont work for

or the one I want

Regards, Dave

I think this is the syntax you want to change it:

Based on this:

Shelly HT accepts the following extra parameters on it's /settings endpoint:

Parameter	Type	Description
actions	hash	For setting actions, see /settings/actions
temperature_units	string	Either C or F
temperature_threshold	number	Temperature delta (in °C) which triggers an update, 0..15
humidity_threshold	number	Humidity delta (in %) which triggers an update, 0..100
external_power	bool	Set if external power supply is installed
temperature_offset	number	Temperature offset (in °C), -50..50
humidity_offset	number	Humidity offset (in %), -50..50

Genius, works a treat, many many thanks for taking the time to reply.

Regards, Dave