Shelly HT wrong temperature

Hello. Just bought 4 Shellys HT and installed my first 2 and got them connected to Home Assistant. Problem is that on HA it is displaying an incorrect temperature (170F). Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks.

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im seeing the same behavior

It looks like you set the temperature unit in the Shelly web interface to F, you need to keep them in Celsius. The conversion to F is done internally in Home Assistant. 170F would be about 76 C which sounds like a normal temperature in F to me :slight_smile:

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this is the solution thank you.

A bit related question, my Shelly devices only display temperature in degrees Celcius and I would like to have more decimals.

What can I do to display one or two decimals?


this posting will point you to the solution, keep in mind that it will be reset when updating the Shelly Integration:

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I know this is an older thread, however, with the Shelly Plus H&T which shows the temperature on the device, changing to Fahrenheit to make the device display correct is necessary. But then, the temperature is converted in Home Assistant at weird times.

Is there any way to correct this?
Is this a bug in Shelly’s firmware that is reporting differently based on being in sleep mode or not? Their app doesn’t show the same issue.


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