Shelly i3/i4 alternative for Zigbee?

Hi, I’m looking for a device that allows me to use my existing wall switches to control Zigbee devices, preferably via direct binding. Something like a Shelly i3/i4 (or a Shelly 1/2 in “detached switch” mode), but with Zigbee instead of WiFi. I can use a Shelly and then set up HA automations to turn the lights on or off, but that is less reliable and has a higher latency compared to Zigbee direct binding.

I have a neutral line in all of my switches, so it doesn’t have to be a device that works without neutral. However, because I have two-way switch wiring in several places, a (single) non-isolated switching contact would be beneficial.

Options considered so far:

  • Sonoff ZBMINI / Aqara T1 / …:
    • + cheap (~€10 for the ZBMINI)
    • - loud clicking noise of an unused relay
    • - isolated switching contacts (ZBMINI only)
    • - state of outputs not exposed as an output cluster that can be bound to the light (defeats the whole purpose of using a Zigbee device)
  • Philips Hue Wall Switch Module
    • + does what I want (I assume, haven’t tried it yet)
    • + no relay clicking
    • - isolated switching contacts
    • - expensive
    • - battery-powered - this feels extremely unnecessary, especially because I don’t want to open the wall switch every 2-5 years, as it’s a pretty fancy one and will suffer wear from this
  • Senic Friends of Hue Wall Switch
    • + does what I want
    • + no relay clicking
    • + requires neither battery nor mains connection - more flexibility, should I need it
    • - very expensive
    • - design differs from that of remaining wall switches

It seems the first option really makes no sense compared to a Shelly 1 in detached switch mode, as I would need to rely on an HA automation anyway. Options 2 and 3 are significantly more expensive, especially considering that in one of the rooms I have three switches for a single light. Using a battery-powered device in a wall mounted switch seems just stupid, and the deviation in optics of the third option might cause trouble with my girlfriend.

An Aqara T1 without a relay, but with treating the switch state as an output, would be exactly what I want and doesn’t seem that much more complicate, so I’m a bit frustrated that seemingly it doesn’t exist. Could a custom firmware like Tasmota help here?


I have the same challenge! Would love to just have the Zigbee hardware that takes input from existing switches.
I my case i want to use switches that are IP44 and mounted in a large Barn (actually the Busch/Jeager Ocean) Not all of these switches have full wiring to all the locations I want to have the lights, and several lights and light fixtures are already Hue, or switched via a Hue power plug (and available in Home Assistant).
I could go the shelly route and take HA to do the switching but i’d rather keep all my lights in the same ecosystem (zigbee/Hue).

If you don’t need to rely on ha automation just for the basic stuff like turning on/off
You can setup a rule in tasmota that sends mqtt payload based on the relay status, like this for example

on power3#state=1 do publish zigbee2mqtt/GU10_bulb5/set on endon on power3#state=0 do publish zigbee2mqtt/GU10_bulb5/set off endon

Maybe something like this?

All of them are very expensive… :woozy_face:

I’m struggling with the same thing. Currently I’m using tuya scene switches (moes brand) and they work well. Will be replacing all wall outlets and want to make a scene switcher that fits in the outlet, so sticking a scene switch on the wall isn’t an option

Currently I think the best option is to go for the Shelly Plus i4, but not sure if it exactly fits my needs. Another option is disassembing a scene switch, possibly cutting into the pcb for a smaller form factor and replacing the batteries on all physical wall switches every so often