Shelly Integration: Adding Multiple Devices on a Different Subnet

Hello. I appreciate the development and support and have a question regarding the inbuilt Shelly integration.

I have two Shelly Pro 3 EMs (I believe generation 2?) running the latest stable firmware (1.1.0). They live on a different subnet from my HA server (2024.1.5) and have a static IP addresses. Only HTTP (over a nonstandard port) is forwarded to the Shellys.

Following the instructions at Shelly - Home Assistant for gen 2/3 devices, I enabled outbound WebSocket and entered the HA address (ws://IP:PORT/api/shelly/ws).

When I try Add Integration to connect to the Shelly (IP:PORT), I get an “Unexpected Error”. In the logs, this looks like the port is not being handled properly: “ValueError: ‘IP:PORT’ does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 address”.

If I forward port 80 to the Shelly, I can connect and add a device and entities, but I have only one port 80 on the firewall and multiple Shellys. How do I need to enter the IPs with the nonstandard ports in order to connect to multiple Shellys?

Thank you.

In case anyone is trying to solve the same thing, it appears that this is not possible with the Shelly Integration as it is. MQTT is probably the best solution for now.