Shelly Integration - Button for Reboot Missing

I have several Shelly devices, some of which (TRV’s) seem to have bugs which are temporarily aleviated by rebooting the device regularly (don’t ask).

I can see that someone has mentioned that the Shelly devices have a button.shellydevice_reboot option which can be triggered. In the 10 or so Shelly devices I have, I see that option in only one Motion Sensor, even though I have several Motion Snesors of the same generation. The others do not have a reboot entity. Tried restarting integration etc. but no change. None of the 3 TRV’s show this option. Anyone?

For what it is worth none of my Shelly devices show a reboot entity. I am using HACS integration and EM, 1, 1 Plus, and Pros. Can you write script in Shelly?

It seems there is supposed to be one, at least in the offical integration:

And referred to in someone’s reply here:

But seems to appear inconsistently?