Shelly integration - Device settings


I have a lot of shelly devices in my home but it’s annoying that on the devices page in HASS there are no settings displayed.
The only things that are visible is the firmware version.
I think it would also be nice to see the IP and even maybe possible to update the settings on the device through HASS.
I see that if you download the diagnostics there is more information available.
Is this easy to change in the code?
I’m a developer but python is not my best language so I could do it myself but maybe somebody could point me to the direction where to look.

I’d say no, it is most likely not going to happen. Each end every device has it’s own, very specific set of configurstion parameters and somtimes it changes with firmware update, so would be very hard to manage this. Otherwise it is very easy to see/manage configuration of the device form HA almost instyantly as there is a link to device confogurstion page included in every device information card.
Screenshot 2022-09-10 at 20.55.27

Yes I know that link but it’s easier to manage my IPs if I woulf be able to see them instead of going to each device and have 30 tabpages open.

It’s through about that supporting when new firmwares come out. But normally they will not change that functionality that often.

Yeah, perhaps some common parameters like device IP or FW version could be accesses in device independent way and really shown in HA directly…