Shelly Integration - Door/Window sensor no entity


I’m having issues with the oficial Shelly integration.

After the release 2021.3 I’ve added again my shelly door/windows sensor (support for battery devices added in this release), but now there are no entities inside:

I’ve already remove the device and add it again, same issue with 2 devices.

Here a screen of my devices added in previous versions:

can someone help me?

thank you in advance.

do anyone one have a clue? I don’t know what to do…

should I delete all my 30 devices integration and start all over?..

Same issue here… did you find a solution?

I am using several of these in both MQTT mode and native integration, and so far have not had this issue…

I do notice the screenshots appear to show home/away presence for the device… which I have never seen before.

What firmware version is on the device?
Is it static ip or DHCP?

Unfortunately no solution found :frowning:
I’m thinking on delete everything and use ShellyForHass,but I have a lot of Shelly and automatisation, so I preferred to find a solution.

My devices have static IP, firmware: 20210323-105237/v1.10.1-gf276b51

I tried with new core-2021.4.1and with “Make device discoverable” setting to true and work fine

it worked, but now the status on the HA, they are not refreshed, with or without the cloud.