Shelly Integration, how to setup

just a newbee question.
I get a Shelly Plus 2 PM, and connected it with a plug and a lamp to have some test setup.
I used settings/devices & services, but no Shelly related entries here. Ok. I have to add an integration.
I used ‘add integration’ and found ‘Shelly’, super.
Now I was asked for ‘Host’. ??? Which host. I typed in something like ‘Test’ and get connection faild.
Unfortunately, the documentation looks quite different to what I see here.
And yes, its the latest version of HA.

BUT: Shellys using the WiFi to make connections. My Wifi is secured, so how should my Shelly know, which Wifi to use (more than one around here) and which password.

Looks little bit strange to me.

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I think “host” is the IP address that was assigned to your shelly device when it connected to wifi.
If this is DHCP you may want to configure something static so it doesn’t change and the integration no longer sees the “host”

Shelly 1 web interface guide.

You have to use the Shelly app first to setup the device. This will get it on your network and then it will be discovered automatically by HA.

I found out, that the Shelly spans his own Wifi.
I installed the app on my smartphone (not happy with that) and never get the mail to get ‘Primary Registered’. Ok.
Than I changed the WiFi of my smartphone- to access the Shelly device.
The app detected the device and ask my for a ‘Room’. Ok, I don’t have a room (I am starting…), so I typed in ‘Testroom’.
Than I get an connection error.
How often should I change the WiFi connection? Or is there a list, telling us, whats to do while we were in this net and what when we were in the onother net.

But: If there is a way to config the device somehow, is it connected to the cloud or not?
Cause I selected ‘Home Assistant’ to have a totally cloud-free home automation.

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Unless you opt in to the cloud feature in the app, it’s all local. A lot of the Shellys can be flashed with ESPHome as well, if you want complete control. I’ve done this for a special case, but if it’s ‘just a light’ I stay with the Shelly firmware.

As far as setting up a device the first time, I’ve recently done that but it had Bluetooth and ‘just worked’. I can remember the ones with only WiFi being a bit more finicky to get setup. Good luck!

You don’t need an app to configure the Shelly. Once you provide power it sets up it’s own wifi server. Use your phone or computer and look for the Shelly-xxxxx SSID name. If you don’t see the Shelly in your WiFI list you may need to do a factory reset on the Shelly first.

It’s an open network, so just connect to it, and once connected open a browser and connect to it’s default IP address of You can then go the network section on the Shelly GUI and join it to your network. Once joined to your network it should appear in HA , assuming you’ve already added the Shelly Integration.

How to configure a Shelly device using a browser instead of the app

Ahhh, that sounds good. Ok, will try it tomorrow evening.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Ok, this was it.
I add my Shelly to my WiFi and HA was able to detect, connect and I was able to switch my test-lamp.
But Shelly Plus series also had a BlueTooth interface. I want to use BlueTooth instead of WiFi (to not fill up my network with lot of deviced).
So I enebled BlueTooth at the Shelly integration (active) and switched of the WiFi in the Shelly, but now … no connection any more.
I deleted the integration and tried again … no Shelly.
Whats wrong now?

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I’m not aware of this being possible. You can however use the Shelly’s Bluetooth as a proxy for other BT devices that have a HA integration to be pulled in (assuming they don’t need an active BT connection).