Shelly integration, I4 double/triple push mostly fail

Hi folks,
I have many (over 60) Shelly devices around the house, all integrated with HA and working essentially flawlessly, w/ automations and all.
I have one Shelly Plus I4 that is connected to push buttons, for which I created an automation to be triggered by single push, double push, triple push and long push. For some reason, that automation seldom works as expected. Most of the time, a double push (even in pretty quick succession) is seen as a single push, and action happens accordingly. Triple push, I’m hardly ever able to activate.

In sharp contrast, I have a few Shelly BLU Buttons around the house. I have similar automations for single, double and triple push events. These work flawlessly, every time, no difficulty at all.

Any insight into why the 2/3 push triggers would not work on my I4? Could it be that the double push in that case is interpreted in HA and not in the device, which could make it subject to Wifi delays? (just a wild hypothesis, haven’t looked at the code yet).

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Input events are not interpreted by Home Assistant, the device sends information about input event and the integration just show it and broadcast HA event.
Of course if your device is configured with HA using the core integration.

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Thanks @Bieniu , yes indeed I’m using the core integration.
How would you recommend I go about debugging/fixing this?

Hard to say, maybe this is compatibility problem between the device and connected button? I don’t know. I would start with debug log on the device and Shelly support.