Shelly Integration => list Shelly IP Adresses

Hi all!

It would be very useful if Shelly Integration shows Shellys IPs somewhere (e.g. in a list inside the integration or inside each shelly information).

From time to time I need to login in a specific shelly and end up going through manual search on the config entries (.storage/core.config_entries)


I agree, I need to search for IP each time I want to connect to a Shelly. Having IP as a sensor would be nice

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What that´s not implemented? Thanks for reminding me why I use the custom Shelly integration…

It is true, to my knowledge there is no way to get that as there is no sensor or anything like that with the IP address.

Have you voted for this request? :slight_smile:

For the custom integration it is. See my screenshot.
Yes, I did vote anyway :slight_smile:

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I am using the official Shelly integration and the Fritz!Box device tracker integration.
Home Assistant notices, that the entities of both integrations belong to one and the same device.
As such, I get the device tracker attached to the Shelly device, which carries the IP address in an attribute.