Shelly Integration login restriction

Hey guys, im using Shelly integration and everything working fine. Today (for security reasons) i changed my shelly’s login password, noticed that HA lost access to the devices. If i rollback it get ok again.

My question is: where i can change that password in the shelly integration? cant find a file or an option to do it. anyone? thanks right away!

I had the same problem! I’m sure there’s a proper way, but I just deleted the integration and readded. When I did that, I was prompted for the password.

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I had that in my mind, did you had to set up all the automations, sensor names etc. Again?

No. You can set the names of the device in the shelly interface so you don’t need to rename them in HA.

There may still be a way to add authentication without deleting the integration, though. Have you checked the integration options?

Checked all the options, didn’t see any option about this