Shelly Integration not working properly fgollowing updates

Hello all

I have several shelly dimmable lights and a few RGBW

Every time i need to restart HA i get a warning that ALL the shelly devices failed to update. ok

I then go to the shelly dashboard and i check all my devices

in each of my devices the entity “to update” tells me that the device is update
I go to the device IP address and check for update… non are available

I deleted the addon and ree pairred the devices … no joy

These error messages are very annoying and waste time

How do i fix this, what next?

Thank you for your help

Can you please post a copy of the exact error message. I think you may be confusing the device failing to respond with firmware update notifications.

Hello Thank you @tom_l for your prompt response as always

Here is a copy of one of the error messages for a light fixture

all other 3 messages are the same with the exception of the ip address of the device

"Shelly device Entrance Hall Light push update failure

Home Assistant is not receiving push updates from the Shelly device Entrance Hall Light with IP address Check the CoIoT configuration in the web panel of the device and your network configuration."

The Home assistant forum says this

" Generation 1 devices use the CoIoT protocol to communicate with the integration. For Shelly firmware 1.10.0 or newer, CoIoT must be enabled in the device settings. Navigate to the local IP address of your Shelly device, Internet & Security >> ADVANCED - DEVELOPER SETTINGS and check the box Enable CoIoT ."

I did check this and the ColoT is enabled and the Colot is set to mcast

These devices were installed at the beginning of last year and i never had this issue before

Again Thank you for your hep

Yeah, this has nothing to do with firmware update. Try unicast, that works a lot better.