SHELLY Integration - Problem with shared devices

Hello everyone.
How can i use in my HA installation Shelly devices shared from another Shelly account? Actually on my HA installation i’m managing without any problem all the Shelly devices that are available in my Shelly account, but recently my sister shared with me 2 of her devices (she shared this 2 devices with my shelly account on her shelly app). On my Shelly app i regularly see this 2 devices, but my HA installation does not make them visible. How can i see them as all the other one?
Thank you

Your Shelly devices are connected to Home Assistant through your local wifi network using the home Assistant Shelly Integration. This integration is a Local Push integration. This means that it does not login to your Shelly account to see your local Shelly devices - the integration can see them on your local network and add them into Home Assistant.

Your Shelly App uses your Shelly account to see the devices including the devices your sister shared with you. Home Assistant cannot see your sister’s devices because it does not login to your shelly account.

I do not know of an easy way that you could see your sister’s devices in Home Assistant. There are multiple threads and discussions in this forum and elsewhere that discuss setting up Home Assistant in multiple locations so that you can control devices across locations.