Shelly Integration Websocket not Connecting

Im trying to connect an Shelly Plus H&T to Home Assistant.
I setup the outbound Websocket on the Shelly and it shows up in HA but i get no Entities.

My HA Server was installed using the premade image on version 2023.02.1.
The Shelly is on 20230202-152433/0.13.0-beta3-g6e7ec69

On the Shelly it throws this error:

    "ts": 1675730245.406,
    "level": 2,
    "data": "mgos_rpc_channel_ws:269 0x3ffd7b7c Connecting to ws://, SSL? 0\n"
    "ts": 1675730263.396,
    "level": 0,
    "data": "mgos_rpc_channel_ws:211 0x3ffd7b7c TCP connect failed: -13\n"

I just got it working after hours.

Apparently my HomeAssistant Server changed its subnetmask to 32.

I have HA installed in a Synology NAS on docker. IP is (port 8123, of course). I have set up outbound web socket on a Shelly 2PM like this: ws:// Not working, even after hours. Any idea?