Shelly IP Address

is there a way to see the IP Address from a Shelly Device in Homeassistant?
At this moment i use the official integration.


But using the Shelly Web interface of the device itself you can set its IP address, either static, or using DNSHCP

Thx, i know this. I use DHCP and therefore it is better to see the IP fom the Device in the Hassio GUI.

THe ShellyforHACS Addon will show up the ip Address, but here i have the Problem, that i can’t delete an unsed device.


Because of this oversight I have named all my Shelly devices with the last 3 of the ip address at the end


You’re still using ShellyForHass plugin ? I thought it was deprecated since the new core Shelly plugin.

I only use MQTT with all my Shellies, so I can easily identify which Shelly is what.

Hmm…the latest Beta is from 23. December last Year.
Is this an official Message that this Addon is deprecated?

So - you use shelly only via mqtt and not the native shelly addon?


That is correct, only MQTT.
But I might change to the officiel Shelly addon in a few weeks/months. I have currently 15 Shelly modules integrated and that requires a lot of lines in YAML to set up manually all MQTT sensors… which is not my cup of tea !
I will check if the new core plugin is mature, stable, with a functionnal auto-discovery, and without any latency. That will be easier to maintain in the future and to add new devices.

Is the ShellyforHASS AddOn now the right one or should i switch back to the official Integration?

I don’t really know. I’ve just followed this subject with some distance as I don’t use any of them.
I know the official integration had some problems when it was first realeased but the most importants have been solved quickly.
I bet it will be the natural way to go forward but is it fully ready yet ? I don’t know.

The integration is missing many core features, but they are being added with every new update.

The last big lack of core integration is limited support for battery devices. This will change from release 2021.3.0. You can also use Shellies Discovery script, which allows automatic device configuration via MQTT and supports all models.

Having the IP address available as a device attribute is one of the last things holding me back from switching from ShellyForHASS. I frequently need to look up the IP address of one of my Shellies so that I can go to the device’s own settings console (there’s a lot of settings there that you can’t manage in the Shelly integration yet)

I just add a weblink entry to an Entities card in Lovelace so they are directly accessible from Home Assistant.

  - type: weblink
    name: Patio Shelly Switch
    url: ''
    icon: 'mdi:panorama-fisheye'



Nice Idea.

I entered a feature request. I would be very helpful to have the IP address as an entity or as an attribute:

Please vote if you agree…

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This issue was solved with HA version 2021.11
Now we can use the ‘visit device’ function to edit local settings.
Well done, HA team!!!

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You can get the URL of any Shelly config site on your network through a template like this:

{{ device_attr('switch.my_shelly_entity_id', 'configuration_url') }}


To isolate the IP of the Shelly device from that URL, try:

{{ device_attr('switch.my_shelly_entity_id', 'configuration_url').replace('http://', '').replace(':80', '') }}


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