Shelly local NTP server


I have chrony installed to work as a local NTP server. I think I need this as I run all of my shelly’s offline and they do not report kWh but watt. I assume this is because they can’t connect to the NTP and therefore do not know what time it is.

My question is, what do I need to put in under the SNTP line of the shelly web ui to redirect the NTP reuest to chrony on HA? Is it the host IP of HA?

Yes it is the host IP of HA, but you will also need the add-on port number (123 for chrony I think).

<HA IP address>:<Chrony port number>

The port number should be shown at the bottom of the Chrony add-on configuration page.

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Hi @tom_l ,

thanks, I think it worked as the Shelly is reporting kWh again. However on the Shelly UI the port is not accepted. I can only enter the IP.

The port number must be hard coded into the Shelly then (123 is the port for NTP).

What do you mean by „hard coded?“

It’s baked in to the Shelly firmware.

Ah okay. I guess i leave it as it is then, as that is beyond my skills and works for now :slight_smile:

It means you don’t have to do anything. The IP address is all you need.

That’s what I did now