Shelly Lost energy

Since Saturday i have no longer the energy bar in the energy dashboard.
I updated HA und changed the devices to unicast.
The HA Shelly Integration ist used.
The power as Watt is shown, energy as kWh is zero on both devices.

What can be the reason?

I have the same problem with shelly 1 pm added as devices. No data is shown. I have tried integrating them both using MQTT and the shelly integration. They work fine if I open them and are shown correcly in developer tools eg as mqtt:

or with the shelly integration


For me it works since several days, what i did, do not know which solved it:
Include in configuration yaml

  coap_port: 5683

In 1PM enable CoIoT and set ip to 192.168.nnn.mmm:5683

Reboot the 1PMs

Reboot HA

Now it works fine, two 1PM are used.