Shelly naming on integration page

The device name on the integration screen is not very helpfull to go directly to the right device:
Screenshot 2022-10-30 at 08-18-49 Instellingen – Home Assistant

Is it not possible to show the name that i gave it? (like TV, Fridge)

Best way to do it now is going to devices and search for shelly.

Maybe this is a more generic thing because the Magic Home integration also shows the (not so helpfull) device IDs

Open device and in right corner you have a pen. Click on it and there you can rename your device.

I have the same problem. Editing the name on the device page does not change the name on the Shelly integration device list.

I tried now on my setup. Yes you’re right it doesnt. But it change its name in mqtt devices list.
Maybe it’s a bug, or a feature.

Click on the device name, then click on 3 dots (context menu?) and choose rename:

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That works. Thanks.

Have the same problem, renaming some devices seems impossible, can’t figure out how to rename them.

Some can be renamed via “Rename” option some others does not.

Shelly4hass was perfect on this side; native shelly integrations is without options and can’t figure out how to rename some of the devices.