Shelly plug S temperature safety and stuff

my plan is to migrate my shelly plug S (devices) from tasmota to esphome.
The one actively in use is to measure my dryer consumption to get notified when it’s done.

so I found the device page Shelly Plug S |
some variables I don’t understand(so I will probably leave them as is) and

  • max_power (2400)
  • max_temp. (70)

so I was curious what my max values are according to tasmota.
and found 99 degrees

and 2448W

shelly software itself shuts off at 95 degrees.

I think I can set max_power to 2490 as the device is limited to 2500.
then the margin is slim, but should be ok.
but what should I do with max_temp?
If I set it to 95 obviously my cloths won’t dry.
however if I set it do 100 degrees it might becomes to hot
and I don’t know if there is a limit where Tasmota shuts down the device or not.

does anyone has any suggestions on this one?
or should I just remove the auto turn off parts from script?