Shelly Plus 2PM - Use imput as button not as switch

Hi there,
i added a shelly Plus 2PM for tracking some temps and operations. So i use the input for operations-feedback from technical equipment.
If i change the config of the input from switch to button, the input disappear in HA. Can me help some one?

Kind Regards Paul

Also ask yourself if a button really makes sense in your case (not totally understanding what you exactly do)

In short, if want to have inputs decoupled from the switch, you have to use button mode, and then listen to events instead of input.

That is not correct.
You can set as switch and have the relay type as “Detached”.

I have dozens of Shelly devices set as switch and detached from the input, and in all those cases the input entity still available in Home Assistant.

I hope what you are saying is still valid for gen2 devices (suppose the device from your screenshot is gen1)
Otherwise, you have right. The detached mode in Shelly settings should be enough. Not sure why OP wants to use button mode in Shelly integration. I don’t know this integration at all. It was my assumption (based on HA docs) that it changes shelly settings together with the change of way how to listen to events.

My screenshot was from a Shelly Plus 2PM (Gen 2). The settings are slightly different, but you can set the same behavior on the Gen 1 devices.
I’ve tested in the following devices and it worked fine in all of those:

Gen 1:

  1. Shelly 1PM
  2. Shelly 2.5PM
  3. Shelly Dimmer 2

Gen 2:
4. Shelly Plus 1PM
5. Shelly Plus 2PM

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Yeah… seeing “outlet” on the screenshot I thought it must be Plug or PlugS. My bad assumption.

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