Shelly Plus 2PM

Hello all,

does someone know if it’s possible to report the position of the blinds (or in my case it’s a roof hatch) with a Shelly Plus 2PM and ESPHome?

I’d like to avoid repeating the mistake I did with the blinds, I used a z-wave switch from Technisat which is not reporting the position. Hence, every time someone uses the switch manually, Home Assistant has no idea what the actual position of the blinds are and changing the position using Home Assistant will require to first open all the way or close of the way and then set to the new desired position…

Yes, Shelly 2pm reports position natively.

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Nice, thanks, I assume it’s possible with ESPHome as well? I couldn’t see a sensor for the position when looking at the documentation.

Why do you need esphome?

You don’t need esphome, position is a state attribute.

Yes it does. Cover position.

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